MALTA24 Ltd. is a media digital company, established in 2011 and based in Malta in the nation’s capital, Valletta. Originally, our business mission was to serve as a Broadcasting Production Point for all international broadcasters who needed to cover news and current affairs’ events in the Mediterranean areas, whilst  offering  live  and  recorded  content solutions to their respective journalists in the field.

With  the  onset  of  year  2015’s  crisis  of  the  “All  News”  model, which obliged severe cuts in budgets in the television market, and coupled with the advent of new technologies, which allow freelancers to operate and to offer the same services for far less costs, Malta24 has moved onwards in prioritising its core business to the production of quality content, and thus reducing ENG service offerings drastically.

Said   focused   content   now   tackles   real   stories   related   to   the Mediterranean, which are bing produced for strong broadcasting groups, which also have international digital media partnerships on the Internet.

With  Malta24’s  commercial  strategies  reworked  for  these  intents,  a renovated news content production workflow was introduced in 2016, for  its non-fiction   content   in   documentaries,   and   its   live   news production services.


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